jo browne BSc, BSc (Hons), Dip, MFHT, MNIMH

 co Owner and founder of Tonic


medical herbalism & aromatherapy / massage & bodyworks / nutrition & healing


my journey into complimentary therapies began as a result of working extensively within a variety of traditional health care settings.  whilst working within hospitals, psychiatric units, and social and community settings confirmed my interest people, their health and their responses and recoveries to challenges with both mental and physical health complaints, it led me to question the one dimensional, often hard line approach offered.


in 1995 my training in complimentary therapies began.  after completing a diploma in holistic therapies and aromatherapy I began my practice offering massage and healing.  keen to learn more I then completed in 2000 a BSc in health science and complimentary therapies from the university of Westminster specialising in herbal medicine and homeopathy.  in addition to my academic studies I embraced and learnt more about healing and energy work, this aspect plays a significant role in my practice today.


during this time I established myself in a busy and reputable practice in west london and my knowledge and understanding within this field secured me features in several publications, a sky TV documentary and radio interviews.


for me, to be able to expand my knowledge on the physical body, ethereal body and the energy I knew I had to travel east to embellish my understanding from root level.  I spent 4 years in china developing and exploring myself as a healer and educating myself within Eastern philosophies.  during my time in China I also worked as a spa consultant and was responsible for the opening of a network of spas in a luxury hotel chain and developing holistic approachable treatments for both eastern and western guests.  this time allowed me to study other ancient Asian healing practices with an emphasis on meditation.  I traveled to India Burma and Thailand to explore these further, I feel confident and comfortable adapting my first hand Eastern experience with clients today.


another consolidating experience as a healer was when I became a mother in 2006 in Paris.  it allowed me the stillness to work as a private consultant in the west whilst utilising my unique eastern experiences.  returning to London my vocation had not changed from the beginning, I knew I wanted to be able to offer people an alternative way of living, coping, mending and relaxing and so Tonic was born with james bradley.


I formally completed a BSc (hons) in herbal medicine in 2014, though I feel my education will constantly evolve and I enjoy learning more every day.  I believe that western cultures are beginning to take note of traditional healing practices.  I incorporate my 20 years hands on experience and aim to provide personalised and holistic treatments program that integrates medical herbalism and aromatherapy, massage & body works, nutrition and healing.


contact: / 079255 15120